The BEST of 2017!!

Even though a months’ time has passed…2017 hasn’t been forgotten. The 12 months that filled 2017 felt more like a lifetime…if I had to sum the year up in one word it would be, long. There are many moments of the year that I wish never would have happened, though the pain of those memories no longer brings tears, I am reminded often they caused deep hurt. But as I do my reflections of the year it is not pain or hurts that mark it because 2017 has the faithfulness of God written all over it. Through trials, temptations, and a whole lot of change God protected brought near to him myself, my family and friends….and along the year gave us all a whole lot to celebrate.

I am excited to share with you all my favorite memories 2017…
#21- Human Foose Ball
#20- Naomi hitting her first 3 point shot in City League play!

#19- Running for RUJA with Hopey, Naomi, and Jacob! 
#18- Wipe Every Tear Gala!  ( 
#17- Packing out the room for the 2017 JEMfriends banquet! Boise…we need your biggest room for next year!

#16- Holly Visiting Boise…well and Twin Falls! 
#15- Getting the opportunity to coach club volleyball with Ignite Sports!

 #14- JEMfriends Volunteers and mentors giving over 1,800 volunteers hours… Let’s keep caring for our youth. 

#13- Boone and Hannah’s baby Justice being born!
#12- Hearing our Idaho Aged-out youth share their stories at the community awareness event in March!

#11- Visiting a Tulip Farm… it was perfect!
#10- Getting to see Amanda and her boys when they visited Boise!

#9- Opening up the third home for JEMfriends youth!

#8- Running the obstacle race with Joel, Justin, and Naomi! Counting down the days til the next one…

#7- JEMfriends Christmas Party!

#6- Winning back to back CSAA Volleyball Championships!
#5- Meeting this incredible young lady, Izzy! BSU Student and softball player who volunteered 90 hours with JEMfriends.

#4- Haiti… Leading girls I coached on a mission’s trip was my dream come true…but serving alongside them was my greatest honor.
#3- Watching my girls grow…from girls, to friends, to athletes, to best friends, to servants, to missions, to leaders…to living life with a mission. Ya…I am proud. 

#2- Jacob and Sarah getting engaged…

#1- Born with the gentlest heart…every moment we get with you every picture we see of you reminds us that God is faithful! Calvin, you are our precious gift…we are so glad you are here…

Bonus- This is a bonus cause I don't even know what to say...God, you kinda just rocked my world...but I really do like it. Thank you. Daniel, Thank you for showing me who the man of my dreams is! 


Friendships are valuable beyond words and in this past year, there were so many moments where my friends were there for me to lean on and together learning to lean on Christ. Sarah, Thank you for praying with me every week, I am so glad I will always get to call you a sister! Anna, you are sunshine...well every day I see you... Thank you for your words of encouragement and your perfectly timely quotes. Naomi, Thank you for being my best friend...can you believe God gave you your dream to hold some orphans...every day! Shea, You make me look so much more organized! Thank you for listening to many times this year!