I wrote this about a year ago, but I wanted to put it up on my blog...

Shaking off the distractions of life to even sit down and write a blog can be hard enough…it obviously is for me as have not written one in about a year.  This challenge is nothing compared to that which life throws at you to keep you from having deep moment-by-moment relationship with your Savior.  The reason that I say "moment-by-moment" is because when you are talking about the Savior of the universe, the one that gives you the strength to take that next step, the one that moves my fingers to type these words and puts my thoughts in a somewhat understandable sequence, WHY would you want anything less?

For the last 2 years of my life I have kind of felt like I have been in a lesson, but never finding the answer. I am still amazed at everything that I've learned, even though I had no clue why I was learning it. Thankfully we have a faithful God that in his timing chooses to show us what we are learning and why we are learning it. I have learned so much, especially around the moment-to-moment relationship that I must have with my Savior.

I must ask you…”why don’t we reach out and touch Jesus and draw our strength from Him?”  He is with in reaching distance of all of us yet we choose to act like He is not. Most of us just want to be with Him but sometimes I am afraid we just want to use Him like a name drop.  In Mark 5 we are told of the woman who was healed by her “faith”. I used to simply think about this from the stand point of the woman who was sick having the faith that Jesus would heal her if she could JUST touch His robe. Then, I began thinking about this story from the perspective of the crowd. It says the crowd “thronged” which simply means “(of a crowd) Fill or be present in (a place or area), to be present in great numbers."

The questions I ask myself…was no one else who was there injured or sick? Why was there no one else reaching out to touch Jesus, to be healed? I am not saying there was not anyone else that was not trying or that even did and we are not told about it, but this prompted me to ask myself "am I the person so proud of that fact that I am “walking” beside Jesus right there I don’t even consider that I could reach out and touch Him". STOP and THINK about that, put yourself right there! Are you satisfied standing beside Him or do you want to reach out and touch Him? Do you want His healing power to run through you and heal every physical, spiritual, and emotional injury?
I know that for many years of my life I have been the crowd…just believing that I was in a great place because I was walking with Jesus instead of having that FAITH to reach out and touch Him.