Christ's Victory...The Best of 2015!

Reflection is one of the most powerful gifts God gives to us. I hope that each of you can take time to reflect on this last year a see how God worked and the blessings that He gives through victories, trials, waiting, etc. Reflection is powerful because it allows us to see parts that we have not seen before, as I have seen the gentleness of God I believe we don't see those parts in the moments because we might not be able to handle it (as humans get overwhelmed pretty easily) but as we reflect He is able to make those lessons learned more permanent in our lives and hearts.

2015 brought Victory in so many ways! In my heart...over lies of worthlessness, selfishness and pride. In competition...learning to compete well and that Christ calls us to be competitive for Him and advancing His Kingdom. In friendship...Been blessed with some many friendships this year...I don't have many words just so much thankfulness for them.. Mercy, Elysse, Lucas, Josiah, Jacob, Joel, Justin, my Parents, Maryanna, Shelly, Deana, Amy, Naomi, Sarah, Faith, Vivienne, Derek, Anna, Alicia, Rebecca, April, Manna.

Now for the highlights of the year...I numbered them but really it was way to hard to rank them!
#22 Road Trips with April, Mercy, Alicia
#21Speaking at Fired Up Youth Group in Oregon and Set Apart Girl in Twin Falls, ID.
#20 Skiing with Noami and friends...mostly crashing!
#19 JEMfriends Banquet!
#18  A new JEM girls home!

#17 Hannah getting engaged! 
#16 Alicia coaching Covenant JV Volleyball! She did great!
#15 Justin's Senior Year of Basketball leading his team to a CSAA Championship!
#14 Spending time with Sarah Young, what and incredible Christian lady!
#13 Playing in a double volleyball tournament with Naomi and getting 2nd!
#12 Watching Elite 8 NCAA Woman's basketball games with Alicia and Becka!
#11 Royal Family Kids Camp Bus Ride...where a young girl gave her life to Christ!
#10 CA Varsity Basketball girls taking 2nd in the CSAA Tournament!
#9 Learning to Compete well!
#8 Playing in and Winning CA Outdoor Summer Volleyball tournament =!
#7 Coaching CA Varsity Volleyball Season!
#6 Being Inspired by my Friend Deana, how she has allowed Christ to work in her life is so many moments and so many ways! Thank you for sharing God's testimony with us!
#5 My brother Jacob coming home and all the work/time/energy he has put into JEMfriends!
#4 Becoming an Aunt to Naomi Faye!
#3 Winning W4 city league volleyball tournament. Playing with your close friends and people that invest in each other..and having the gym full of family and friends cheering you on...its so much more then a game!
#2 Friendships :D
#1 3 CA volleyball girls making CSAA All-league teams! Shea, Anna, Savannah you made my year!