Friday, May 16, 2014

Update on Missions Trip!

I received some sad news about the missions trip that I was hoping to go on to Peru, it was canceled because we didn't have enough committed team members. I am most sad for the kids in Peru that may not have an opportunity to be served now, hopefully a team can be sent down there soon.

As for my plans...I decided to jump on another team that will be traveling to Haiti in early Aug! This is the description of the trip...
Come join us and serve as a Shoe of Hope relief ambassador in one of the most densely populated and least developed countries in the Western Hemisphere. After the devastating earthquake in January of 2010, still ½ million Haitians live in tents and many more in unsafe buildings. The team will help distribute hundreds of pairs of new shoes, washing feet and sharing HOPE. While staying in Port-Au Prince we will also serve orphans by working alongside with Feed the Hunger.
You can sponsor me in this upcoming trip online through my giving page set-up through Samaritan's feet.

Also, if anyone is been thinking about a missions trip...there are more spots available on this trip. I can get you more information on applying. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends:
I am so excited to be writing this letter to you, telling you about the missions trip that God has lead me to this summer!
Over the last few years I have had the desire to go on a foot-washing missions trip but with the busyness of coaching and directing JEMfriends the opportunities to go on a trip seemed to get slimmer; however, I still received the emails from Samaritan's Feet about their upcoming trips in hopes that God might open the doors for me.

I can joyfully say that He has opened the door for me to travel to Pure on a Shoes of Hope Relief Missions trip. We will be washing and anointing the feet of children while fitting them with a new pair of shoes.
Here is a flyer for the trip I will be going on:
I am most looking forward to the change that God is going to do in my own heart and life through this trip. Having to rely and trust God during a time with things being unknown (even to where your next meal is coming from), communicating with others that might not speak your own language, investing in a team to accomplish the goal of loving these children and being humbled in my own heart to show Christ's love by washing their feet and by the comparison of how great these children's need is to how much I am blessed.
Thank you for reading about my trip and my heart on why I feel blessed to go on this trip. If I had one request it would be that you keep myself and me team in your prayers.
A second request would be that if you feel led that you would sponsor me in this upcoming trip. I have about 4 weeks to raise all the funds I need for the trip. You can sponsor me through this page.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Highlights...

2013 was a year of many blessing and highlights, I could not come close to counting them or putting them all in a blog, but here is my best shot at a countdown to the things that I am most thankful for and highlights of the year. 
#20…Kayaking on Redfish Lake.
#19…Discovering Black Been/ Quinoa Burgers.
#18…Spending time with Sarah and Elizabeth Young at Family Reunion.
#17…Getting an out of Darkness T-shirt.
#16…Increasing my vertical leap by 4”.
#15…Seeing Niagara from the Canadian Side.
#14…Covenant Academy JV Volleyball Girls Tournament. They placed 3rd.
#13…Meeting new people at that all challenged and encouraged me in my life. Caitlin, Jacob, Naomi, Christa, Carolyn, Rachel!
#12…Playing on a basketball team with some of my favorite people. Rebecca, Maryanna, Mercy, Mariko, and Hannah.
#11…Playing in the Ultimate tournament as a Family.
#10…Camp Counseling as Royal Family Kids Camp. Week long summer camp for Foster Youth.
#9…Speaking at Arts camp in Canada.
#8…Coaching Alicia one on one during the summer! So Proud of You…The End.
#7…Covenant Academy Boys Winning Football Championship with an undefeated season.
#6...Thankful for my brother Lucas…who spoke endless encouragement to me, never shyed away from giving me wisdom and listen to me on many occasions.
#5…Having my sister Mercy working alongside me in JEMfriends ministry and coaching. Thankful for the best friend she has become to me.  
#4…Spending a week with Mercy Hope. This week blessed me with so much wisdom!
#3…Getting a true JEMfriends transition house up and running. Wow this was a lot of work but God faithfully had His hand on every detail
#2…renewing a friendship with Amy Wilson after she has been gone for 2 years in Bible College and Missions Trips. I am so inspired by what God has done in her life.
#1- Highlight of My year 2013…Spending Time with Katy Klein 

God is so faithful when I look back at my year I can see His work in so many ways and areas of my life, does this mean that my year was “easy” in the sense that we do seem to want life to be, no it doesn’t in fact it was probably the hardest year to this point of my life. I am so thankful to the blessings and the challenges that this year has brought, every one of them is shaping me for now and in the future…just as God has used the past years to shape who I am today.
Looking forward to 2014…I know it’s going to be a great ride!